ProMac Equipment can design a bucket to suit your application, brand and budget. Using the latest 3D modeling techniques, we can quickly generate photo realistic renders of the bucket with accurate volume, size and weight.

Cement Mixer Bucket

Easy on site mixing of cement. Use the bucket to pick up your sand. Add cement and water. Includes hydraulic driven paddles for mixing. Bucket can be resized for your application. Can fit to any TLB, FEL or skid steer with an available hydraulic function.

Heavy Duty Buckets

Special purpose ‘Ripper’ bucket with extended middle tooth. Used for hard ground/rock conditions.

Side Tip Bucket

Quick attach bucket with integrated side tip function and pouring spout. Commonly used for filling blast holes.

GP Buckets

ProMac Equipment can design and manufacture a wide variety of buckets for TLB’s, loaders and excavators. We make GP, rock and trenching buckets to suit your application and ground conditions